About B'here

B'Here Annual Reports emerged after a decade of producing supplements and country reports for leading newspapers and magazines around the world.

The aim of B'Here is to cover markets in greater depth via a format typically associated with high-end luxury magazines. Yet while glossy magazines are often big on image and soft on content, B'Here covers the latest trends in business, finance, education, real estate, energy and infrastructure, among other sectors. Complementing such coverage are Informed Insights from industry experts and specialists, in addition to Q&As with market leaders.

Yet unlike other country report publications, B'Here does not spread itself too thinly by covering whole regions, continents or dozens of countries. Instead, B'Here focuses on selected markets in which the B'Here team has extensive experience to give a broad, in-depth view of a country's development. To date, there have been B'Here Annual Reports on Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Lebanon, and in the future, select countries in West Africa.

With hundreds of interviews conducted over the years and months spent on the ground researching and reporting, B'Here knows what it means to Be There, to get the coverage and the latest developments that countries, markets and institutions deserve.