B'Here Qatar 2013

01 Jan 2013 09:13 AM

Price : | $ 90.00 Country : Qatar


Year-on-year Qatar grows and diversifies in line with the National Vision 2030. This year’s publication is nearly 400 pages, reflecting the extraordinary transformation of the country in all aspects of its development – from education, culture and research, to economic diversification, finance, real estate and healthcare.

Year-on-year we have expanded our coverage of Qatar, added to the roster of experts that write Informed Insights for each chapter, and made the publication as comprehensive as possible through a variety of graphs, charts and maps to highlight Qatar’s growth. Additionally, Ernst & Young have once again contributed a detailed business guide to Qatar.

W believe that we have managed to portray an accurate picture of Qatar’s staggering development. After all, it is not always easy to keep pace with such blistering growth and change. However, as we near our 10 anniversary in Qatar, our deep knowledge of the country allows us to do just that.


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