B'Here Qatar 2012

01 Jan 2012 09:11 AM

Price : | $ 90.00 Country : Qatar


The Vision moves forward towards a knowledge-based society.

Qatar has been the fastest growing economy in the World over the last decade. In the wake of the commissioning of LNG, GTL, petrochemicals and fertilizers plants the country’s GDP, income per capita and population growth has been staggering.

However, this pales in comparison with Qatar’s social and human development. With a human, social, economic and environmental development strategy enshrined in the Qatar National Vision 2030, Qatar is clearly on track to become a knowledge-based society. If the investments in energy, infrastructure, industry and real estate have been enormous, Qatar’s investments in education, health, ICT, research and culture have been mind-boggling.

Aligning ourselves with the QNV2030, our deep knowledge on Qatar - based on seven years working in the country - has allowed us to portray these remarkable changes showcasing Qatar’s dream to become a knowledge-based economy. Therefore, we believe B’Here Qatar Annual Review 2012 is arguably the best ever produced annual publication on the State of Qatar.

Furthermore, this edition includes a business guide prepared by Ernst & Young, offering a detail description on the way to do business in Qatar.


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