B'Here Lebanon 2011

01 Jan 2011 05:02 AM

Price : Free | Country : Lebanon


Beyond Politics

Bucking the Global Trend  

Lebanon has a remarkable tendency to buck the global trend. When economies around the world were booming, Lebanon was registering minimal growth. But when the world was in the midst of a financial downturn, Lebanon was on the up-tick.

Indeed, Lebanon’s banking sector attracted the highest depositor inflows of any country in the Middle East in 2010, while in 2009 Beirut was named the top destination to visit worldwide by The New York Times. Alas, Lebanon’s successes are more often than not overshadowed by political issues and negative international media coverage, as global media outlets are all too busy highlighting Lebanon’s predicaments and shortcomings.

“Bad news is good news!” This is why B’HERE has not covered politics per se, but focused on the country’s positive attributes.  Last year, Lebanon attracted a record numbers of tourists from around the Middle East and the world, with visitors coming to enjoy the skiing in the winter, the country’s nature in the spring, and the vibrant beach culture in the summer. With its boutique vineyards, world-class restaurants, music festivals, the art galleries, the historical sites and, of course, the best nightlife in the region, Lebanon has it all. Even this publication is a testimony to Lebanese’s quality products, discerning taste and attention to detail. As the printing hub of the Middle East, books and publications exports represent a whopping 20 percent of total exports, the highest in the World.



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