B'Here Lebanon 2012

01 Jun 2012 09:10 AM

Price : | $ 90.00 Country : Lebanon


Heads up amidst a region in Turmoil

The past two years have not been easy for Lebanon. The “Arab Spring,” which started in Tunisia in late 2010 and caused a wave of uprisings elsewhere, never directly affected Lebanon. After all, the country has been long known for its liberal climate and, without a doubt, boasts the most diverse media landscape in the region. Indirectly, however, the country surely was affected.

Yet, not all of Lebanon’s problems can be blamed on problems and conflicts abroad. Still, without closing our eyes for the country’s dangers and weaknesses, we remain upbeat regarding Lebanon’s future. Firstly, there are numerous variables on which the country can build. The banking sector is known around the world for being solid and it only gained in confidence following 2008, as the global financial meltdown never hit Lebanon.

Secondly, there is a good potential for finding offshore oil and gas – although to ever turn this potential into hard-earned cash every Lebanese can only pray that Lebanon’s politicians, for once, stand as one and formulate the long-awaited Hydrocarbons Law.

Thirdly, Lebanon’s liberal climate and natural assets have made the country one of the region’s most precious treasures. Finally, there are its people. Renowned for their resilience, the Lebanese never let their heads hang down. The 2006 war with Israel had hardly finished and the country was being rebuilt. Blessed with one of the best educational systems in the region, the Lebanese are found in top managerial positions across the Arab world.


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