Cheat Engine Tutorial Guide 1/3 Steps 1-5

This video series will show you how to do the Cheat Engine built-in tutorial. This is updated for version 6.8.3
This is for Beginner, especially steps 1-5. Advance to the next video if you’re kewl.

Steps 6-9

New updated for Cheat Engine 6.7 here is a video guide to explain how to complete Cheat Engine’s built in tutorial.
The first video explains Steps 1-5 which are extremely beginner oriented, so skip these if you’re decent with Cheat Engine.
Even if you’re decent with Cheat Engine, check out the second video, maybe I’m better explaining it than other people 🙂
If anyone is asking for help finding pointers or basic cheat engine skills please point them to this video series!


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