Ye Olde CN Games – Toonami: IGPX (T.I.E. Game)

One of the harder CN games, with you choosing which team to play as and 5 different scenarios to win. Playing as Team Suzaku is much more difficult, with Scenario 1 being the hardest to win. Timestamps for each scenario played with both teams and some comments below.

Good ‘ol Cartoon Network games, with some amateur gameplay shown here using Flashpoint Infinity 8.0.

Game Type: Shockwave
Game File Source: Curated and added to Flashpoint by others
Status in Flashpoint: Already in Flashpoint (as of version 8.0)


Q1) What is Flashpoint (FP)? How do I check which games it has? Can I request a game to be added to FP?

A1) It is a preservation project by BlueMaxima that aims to collect web browser games and animations before they are lost forever due to the phasing out of programs such as Shockwave Player and eventually, Flash Player etc. You can download the program via

You can see which games are currently in FP and which will be added in upcoming versions via the Game Master List at

You can request games to be added to FP via but know that there are thousands of requests and they don’t get answered frequently, so it’s good to provide more details about the game, links to it or its game files if possible.

Note: To edit the Google Doc file, you need to get permission first. Visit their Discord page via for this.

After you have been allowed to edit the file, PLS CHECK FIRST whether the game you want has already been requested. DO A THOROUGH SEARCH. For example, if you are looking for the game “Scooby-Doo: Horror of the High Seas Episode 1 – The Ghost Pirate Attacks!”, try searching “Scooby Doo”, “Scooby-Doo”, “Ghost Pirate” etc.

This is because some game websites name them differently (e.g. “Tom and Jerry: Food Fight” is also known by the name “Tom and Jerry: Food Free-For-All”). Curators who tested the games may also name them differently.

If you can’t wait, an alternative is for you to curate the game yourselves (see Qn 3).

Q2) Can I help with the project if I want to?

A2) There are several ways, the most common being:

a. Spread the word to get more people to contribute to the project
b. Search and curate requested games by others, to help add more games to Flashpoint.
c. Testing games which have/haven’t been added to Flashpoint and report any bugs/missing files

Q3) What do you mean by “curate” and/or my copy of FP isn’t working!

A3) It means you find a website that contains the game/animation and download/save the relevant files (e.g. dcr files for Shockwave games & swf files for Flash games). These will be opened with a Flashpoint program such as FP Core/Infinity to test whether the game/animation works.

If it works, the files, screenshots and other important stuff are to be zipped for uploading to the Discord page, where they will be added to the upcoming FP version. Note that you need to seek permission from the people at the Discord page, who will vet your curation before they allow you to submit it.

If you wish to help curate games, you can find guides via , which will get you started on the basics.

If you have more questions or your FP has any issues, check out Flashpoint’s FAQ and Extended FAQ page first:

If those don’t work, ask the people at the Discord page for help.

Q4) Hey, this game you are playing isn’t from the Cartoon Network websites!

A4) Though some games came from other websites (e.g. some Scooby-Doo games originated from Warner Bros website), the cartoon characters in these games have appeared in Cartoon Network before, and are therefore included. I decide on a case-by-case basis though.

Q5) Can you do a playthrough of ______?

A5) No promises, as this channel is just a little project of mine to do playthroughs of old CN games. This is for nostalgia, plus I noticed that some playthroughs are either incomplete or do not exist at all. Also, after knowing about Flashpoint, I think that it is a great idea and hope to spread awareness about it.

Pls don’t expect me to fulfill any/all of your requests as this is purely a hobby. If I have time, I might try them. As for newer games e.g. from Ben 10 Omniverse, Teen Titans Go! etc., I don’t think I will tackle them anytime soon since there are other old games that I haven’t done yet.


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  • Note: Winning each scenario launches some website using Internet Explorer, just close it (probably some old link tied to the Toonami/CN website if you win).

    1) Team Suzaku is clearly the underdog team here as it has lower defenses and has generally lousier weapons until the later scenarios. It can take 2 more steps than Team Sledge-Mamma for each turn though.

    2) Haven’t found any particularly efficient strategy to take down Sledge-Mamma for Scenario 1 as the team is outclassed in teams of weapons, range and defense, so I opted for the hit-and-run approach and even that is difficult to pull off.

    3) The team’s Katana, Capoeira and Cat Attack weapons deal a lot more damage than their guns. However, these are close-range attacks. Managed to use the cat attack to see how powerful it is (1:13:56).

    4) The enemy AI can sometimes mess up, and given the right circumstances, attack its own teammates as they are in the line of fire.

    5) Be careful when using the missiles because if there are obstacles nearby, you might end up injuring yourself instead.

    0:46 – Tutorial

    Team Suzaku
    3:35 – Scenario 1 (Assault)
    32:33 – Scenario 2 (Open Field)
    43:27 – Scenario 3 (Paint the Town)
    55:34 – Scenario 4 (Lost in the Woods)
    1:06:48 – Scenario 5 (Rescue)

    Team Sledge-Mamma
    1:14:53 – Scenario 1 (Assault)
    1:25:00 – Scenario 2 (Open Field)
    1:34:09 – Scenario 3 (Paint the Town)
    1:40:28 – Scenario 4 (Lost in the Woods)
    1:53:09 – Scenario 5 (Rescue)

    Henry the Potatohead July 11, 2020 12:44 pm Reply
  • I remember this being hard, but I also remember I did eventually manage to beat it with both teams. Wow I can't believe I'll be able to play this again after so many years. Another amazing game I remeber is the Captain Planet strategy game.

    Ansachu July 11, 2020 12:44 pm Reply
  • It's crazy I just started rethinking about this game and this is such a recent upload. I loved playing this as a kid even though there's not a whole lot of depth to it. I wonder if anyone knows of any good games that are similar to this. Off the top of my head all I can think of are X-COM and Valkyria Chronicles. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

    Raspberry Wulf July 11, 2020 12:44 pm Reply
  • Thanks for posting this. This is one of the few games I had memories about from my childhood but could never find.

    Michael Kneale July 11, 2020 12:44 pm Reply
  • Can you play Johnny Bravo Lunch Line?

    Kim Sulocki July 11, 2020 12:44 pm Reply
  • I just want to say thank you for doing this Henry, I'm sorry if I asked for it too much, and the game was pretty hard for you to complete, I just really like this game, and I've always wanted to try it again for myself,

    Hell, I even had the idea of modding the game to make an ONLINE Multiplayer version of this where it would let you choose your own mech between the models of the Suzaku & Sledge-Mamma designs (that would have the same advantages and disadvantages in this game) and have it customized with color palates, different styled looks (with different heads, shoulder pads, chest, & legs for each model that you'd get from ether winning matches or buying in-game purchases of your choice), you'd even put your own images from your files on individual suits, and like I said it would have ONLINE Multiplayer with different scenarios determining the placement of the teams for the game, and it would have level up ranks, and it would kind of be an overhead version of Territory War 3

    I'd would've played it all the time nowadays, but you know with the whole flash games being out of order for good with the new tech and all, I just can't, I mean I tried to play it on the old Cartoon Network through's Wayback Machine on my computer while it was still out before I got this new one, but I needed to play it on Microsoft Edge cause they'd wouldn't run on like Chrome or anything like that, and the problem with that is it was back when Microsoft Edge was all buggy so everytime I try to open the browser up the window for it pops up for like half-a-second then it'd automatically close, so I tried to get rid of it and download it again but it turns I couldn't edit or remove it cause it said that I wasn't owner of the application even though the only other user on there besides me is my brother whenever I need help with my computer, but no matter who I change the ownership of the application to, it still won't let me alter it, and it just so frustrated me, cause I was going through hoops and hurdles just to play this damn game

    but again, thank you for finally doing this game, I really appreciate it

    the Don of Creativity July 11, 2020 12:44 pm Reply
  • hello henry i would like to get all the games. can you snd me?

    Dhrishwin Sasikumar July 11, 2020 12:44 pm Reply

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